It was a week for Logan-Magnolia Panther wrestling as they recorded five wins in two meets.

They easily took down Woodbine 66-18 and beat Atlantic-CAM 41-34 and OABCIG 60-24 at the quad meeting in Atlantic January 7.

Starting with Woodbine, here are the full results: 152: Jordan Kerger (LOMA) over Jerry Malone (WOOD) (Fall 0:28); 160: Jack Nelson (WOOD) over (LOMA) (For.); 170: Myles Barnum (WOOD) over Tanner Mace (LOMA) (Fall 5:19); 182: Dylan Oviatt (LOMA) over Nathan Colwell (WOOD) (Fall 0:55); 195: Kole Shepard (LOMA) over (WOOD) (For.); 220: Rex Johnsen (LOMA) over Payton McDonald (WOOD) (Fall 0:29); 285: Barrett Pitt (LOMA) over Hudson Barnum (WOOD) (Fall 1:51); 106: Jacob Downey (LOMA) over (WOOD) (For.); 113: Sean Thompson (LOMA) over (WOOD) (For.); 120: Nate Wright (WOOD) over James Newton (LOMA) (Fall 1:08); 126: Wyatt Reisz (LOMA) over Cameron Cline (WOOD) (Fall 3:42); 132: Brady Thompson (LOMA) over Conrad Schafer (WOOD) (Fall 1:00); 138: Gavin Maguire (LOMA) over Colton Walsh (WOOD) (Fall 0:44); and 145: Bryce Hudnut (LOMA) over (WOOD) (For.).

Versus OABCIG, these were the final results: 160: Tanner Mace (LOMA) over Eli Salcido (OABC) (Fall 2:25); 170: Dylan Oviatt (LOMA) over Zach Hemer (OABC) (Fall 3:15); 182: Gavin Parks (OABC) over (LOMA) (For.); 195: Izaiah Ironshell (OABC) over Kole Shepard (LOMA) (Fall 3:54); 220: Rex Johnsen (LOMA) over (OABC) (For.); 285: Barrett Pitt (LOMA) over (OABC) (For.); 106: Jacob Downey (LOMA) over (OABC) (For.); 113: Sean Thompson (LOMA) over Beau Nieman (OABC) (Fall 1:03); 120: Lennon Wells (OABC) over James Newton (LOMA) (Fall 2:53); 126: Wyatt Reisz (LOMA) over (OABC) (For.); 132: Brady Thompson (LOMA) over (OABC) (For.); 138: Gavin Maguire (LOMA) over Landon Veit (OABC) (Fall 0:59); 145: Jake Nieman (OABC) over Bryce Hudnut (LOMA) (Fall 1:06); and 152: Jordan Kerger (LOMA) over (OABC) (For.).

Finally against, Atlantic-CAM, this is how Lo-Ma fared: 170: Tanner Mace (LOMA) over Brenden Casey (ATLA) (SV-1 8-6); 182: Dylan Oviatt (LOMA) over Cole Park (ATLA) (TF 23-8 5:44); 195: Devin McKay (ATLA) over Kole Shepard (LOMA) (Fall 0:14); 220: Rex Johnsen (LOMA) over Noah Vandevanter (ATLA) (Fall 0:26); 285: Cale Roller (ATLA) over Barrett Pitt (LOMA) (SV-1 (Fall) 6:47); 106: Easton O`Brien (ATLA) over Jacob Downey (LOMA) (Fall 3:27); 113: Sean Thompson (LOMA) over Cruz Weaver (ATLA) (Fall 0:46); 120: Ethan Follmann (ATLA) over James Newton (LOMA) (Fall 0:33); 126: Wyatt Reisz (LOMA) over Joe Weaver (ATLA) (Dec 3-2); 132: Jaxson Bell (ATLA) over Brady Thompson (LOMA) (MD 18-8); 138: Gavin Maguire (LOMA) over Brian South (ATLA) (Fall 0:26); 145: Bryce Hudnut (LOMA) over Tanner O`Brien (ATLA) (Fall 1:02); 152: Jordan Kerger (LOMA) over Jarrett Armstrong (ATLA) (Fall 2:42); and 160: Kadin Stutzman (ATLA) over (LOMA) (For.)

At the triangular in Neola January 9, the Panthers dominated against both Tri-Center and West Central Valley. The Panthers beat Tri-Center 61-15.

Individual results are as follows: 160: Tanner Mace (LOMA) over Ethan Chmelka (TRCE) (Fall 0:50); 170: Dylan Oviatt (LOMA) over Luke Hundtofte (TRCE) (Fall 1:51); 182: Gaven Heim (TRCE) over (LOMA) (For.); 195: Tristan Vorthmann (TRCE) over Kole Shepard (LOMA) (Fall 0:33); 220: Rex Johnsen (LOMA) over (TRCE) (For.); 285: Barrett Pitt (LOMA) over Alex Audesmore (TRCE) (MD 14-2); 106: Taylor Conn (TRCE) over Jacob Downey (LOMA) (Dec 10-7); 113: Tarick Rowe (LOMA) over (TRCE) (For.); 120: Sean Thompson (LOMA) over (TRCE) (For.); 126: Wyatt Reisz (LOMA) over Connor Attkisson (TRCE) (TF 30-15 5:56); 132: Brady Thompson (LOMA) over Tanner Nelson (TRCE) (Fall 2:45); 138: Gavin Maguire (LOMA) over Ethan Flaharty (TRCE) (Fall 2:48); 145: Bryce Hudnut (LOMA) over Rashon Noye (TRCE) (MD 18-4); and 152: Jordan Kerger (LOMA) over Schuyler Kurtzuba (TRCE) (Fall 0:44).

In action against WCV, these were the final results: 152: Jordan Kerger (LOMA) over Blaise Beane (WCV) (Fall 3:20); 160: Brayden Miller (WCV) over Tanner Mace (LOMA) (TF 24-9 5:46); 170: Dylan Oviatt (LOMA) over (WCV) (For.); 182: Colben Chase (LOMA) over (WCV) (For.); 195: Ayden Phippen (WCV) over Kole Shepard (LOMA) (Fall 4:41); 220: Rex Johnsen (LOMA) over (WCV) (For.); 285: Barrett Pitt (LOMA) over Camden Steele (WCV) (Fall 1:46); 106: Jacob Downey (LOMA) over West Sackett (WCV) (Fall 1:16); 113: Wesley Ganoe (WCV) over Tarick Rowe (LOMA) (Fall 3:22); 120: Sean Thompson (LOMA) over Domanic Mullins (WCV) (Fall 0:31); 126: Wyatt Reisz (LOMA) over Justin Garcia (WCV) (Dec 9-2); 132: Brady Thompson (LOMA) over Wyatt Clemetson (WCV) (Fall 1:06); 138: Gavin Maguire (LOMA) over Weston Pote (WCV) (Fall 1:25); 145: Bryce Hudnut (LOMA) over Braiden Beane (WCV) (MD 15-5).