The Woodbine Tigers and Logan-Magnolia Panthers have made it to the end, to their District championships.

To get there, the Tigers first beat Boyer Valley 7-0 in their first round of the IHSAA Class 1A District Tourney on July 13.

Tyler Coberly and Layne Pryor each contributed to their team by going 2-3 from the plate while Brandon Bantam went 2-4.

The Tigers beat West Harrison 6-1 on July 16. Cameron Kline and Alex Bantam each crossed the plate twice for their team.

Coberly and Caleb Wakehouse each made it home one time.

In the championship game on July 20, Woodbine will take on Coon Rapids-Bayard in Coon Rapids.

The Logan-Magnolia Panthers did not seem to have any trouble with either of their opponents in the first two rounds of their IHSAA Class 1A District Tourney.

They blasted Sidney 19-1 on July 13 in Council Bluffs.

Dylan Cunard, Joel Richardson, Colton Hanlon and Trevor Wills each scored three times for the team.

Others who crossed the plate were Chase Maguire, 2; Eli Pickle, 2; Barret Pitt, 1; Joe Hedger, 1 and Tre Melby, 1.

In the semifinal round July 16 against Stanton, the Panthers won 10-0 in six innings.

Trevor Wills had a solid pitching game. He went four innings and struck out six batters. Hedger came in as his relief and pitched two innings.

Between Wills and Hedger, no hits were allowed in a total of 93 pitches.

In the championship game on July 20 in Council Bluffs, the Panthers will battle St. Albert.