It was about eight months ago that I entered Woodbine for the first time.

I was with our central weekly group general manager checking out the community a few weeks before I would begin my new job as general manager/editor for the Twiner.

The first thing I noticed was the picturesque Main Street. It reminded me of another community I worked in as a newspaper editor, something my boss also pointed out as we drove down Walker Street and other parts of the downtown area.

I have to admit that as we drove, I was nervous. Was I ready for another big life change, starting a new job just two years after moving to another community I knew little about?

But, after we left Woodbine and headed back to our original meeting spot, I kept thinking about how the downtown reminded me of the other small towns I had worked in. It was beautiful and welcoming. My nervousness was eased because I knew that a community that took pride in its downtown the way Woodbine does must be a place where great people live and work.

As we crossed the railroad tracks and the Boyer River bridge, I knew I was making the right decision to come here. I knew this was where I wanted to further my career in the newspaper business.

As many of us do this time of year, I have spent some time the last few weeks reflecting back on 2014.

If someone would have asked me last year at this time where I would be a year later, it’s doubtful I would have said Woodbine and Logan. Like I said, I had only been living and working in Blair for two years and had a track record of staying at jobs for a good amount of time.

I used to be terrified of change, but in the last three years, change had become such a big part of my life that it was almost expected. That’s what happened in April when the opportunity to lead the staff of the Woodbine Twiner and the Logan Herald-Observer came up. Although surprised by the turn of events, once I became accustomed to the idea, I knew I had to go for it.

So, on May 7, I left my apartment in Blair for the first day of my new adventure.

And, what a great adventure it’s been so far.

As we begin 2015, I’d like to say thanks to those who have shared their stories, pictures and other news with our readers. We have great readers and I look forward to continuing to work with everyone and telling the stories that make this community. great.

As the year continues, you may notice some changes to our product, starting this week with the return of our “Looking Back” column, which will take a look at the people, places and events making news five, 10, 20, 30 and 40 years ago. I heard from several people that they missed that column, so we’ve brought it back.

This year, we are also committed to being your No. 1 sources for Woodbine news, so, along with our weekly printed edition, we also will use our website, ( and Facebook page ( to keep you updated on events throughout the week.

As always, we need your help. If you have an event coming up or a story idea to share, don’t hesitate to call us. Our readers shared some great story ideas last year and I look forward to hearing more of them.

Happy New Year everyone. I’m looking forward to another great year.