The cable company letter stated Harrison County has switched all necessary to HD. They needed their customers to help them scan all of the channels back to said TV’s.

These people do not know this: But, I do NOT scan. As a couple, Jim and I chose to have someone else do our mechanical jobs. That’s right, don’t ask us to hang a picture, put up curtain rods or even paint the walls. We both hated such jobs;. Consequently, neither one of us showed talent in these fields. Just to think of measuring and remeasuring gives me the “cold chills”.

So, the guy says it will only take a half hour. What a joke. Thirteen hours later, a snowy/static ridden television and a phone that belched static instead of a dial tone. Oh man, what now? The scan did not work. I was in a state of suspension between what I missed the most, the TV or my phone.

I used the phone at my friend’s house and reported, once again, my sob story of gloom and doom. Let’s do your scan, she said. Na, not again it’s been done and it didn’t work, I said.

They also informed me that the tech had come to my apartment yesterday, but I was gone. No, no, no, I was home. I was napping.

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