With any change comes questions and as we introduce the Twiner-Herald to our readers this week, we know there will be some.

Since making the announcement Sept. 21 that the Logan Herald-Observer and Woodbine Twiner will be consolidated into a single publication – Twiner-Herald: Serving Logan and Woodbine, we have fielded some questions and heard your concerns.

Many wondered what the change would mean for coverage of local news from both communities and others questioned what closing our Logan office means for people who want to drop off story ideas, subscription and advertisement payments and just talk with our team.

Those are the same questions the Twiner-Herald staff asked as we planned this transition.

First, I want to assure our readers our commitment to covering the people, places, businesses and issues in Logan and Woodbine remains strong. A name change and consolidation doesn’t change that.

You can expect to see our staff at events in Logan and Woodbine, covering city council and school board meetings, sporting events and telling the stories about our neighbors in our communities. We also hope to enlist help from local residents and students at Logan-Magnolia and Woodbine high schools in covering local events or submitting news about an organization they belong to or local event they attended. And, as always, the best story ideas come from our readers, so we hope you’ll continue to keep us up-to-date on what is happening in your neighborhood, school, organization and even in your family.

You’ve asked, “Why Twiner-Herald?”

It’s our way of preserving the history of the two publications. The Twiner and Herald-Observer have been part of Harrison County for generations and we wanted to make sure our combined publication paid homage to that history and those who have written about these communities through the years.

Another question we’ve been asked is about our decision to close the Logan office at the end of the year. We chose that route because our Woodbine office has space for our three-person team, which includes Advertising Representative Kylie Bertelson, Office Clerk Debi Metheny and myself.

But, our presence in Logan won’t go away. In addition to being out in the community covering the news, sports and meeting with advertisers on a regular basis, I plan on spending at least one day a week in Logan so residents can drop by their payments, story ideas or just come in for a visit. For now, I will be spending Wednesdays at our current office at the Fourth Avenue Mall from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. In the future, I hope to be stationed at an area business. As soon as those plans are finalized, we’ll let you know the location and hours.

And with an assist from Dion Pitt we also will have a locked drop box available for your convenience at Logan Super Foods. I will check the box regularly to collect the items you drop off.

In addition, I’ll be available to conduct interviews or meet with readers throughout the week. I also live in Logan, so you might see me at the grocery store, gas station or out for a walk, so feel free to stop and talk.

You can reach me at 712-647-2821 or 402-332-8118 or drop me an e-mail at thoffman@loganwoodbine.com

When I joined the Herald-Observer and Twiner team more than two years ago, I quickly learned there is a lot of community pride in both Logan and Woodbine.

As we discussed the newspaper changes with community leaders, that pride was evident and was reflected in their questions and concerns. One community leader and reader told the staff that, while she enjoyed having a paper that focused on her city, she understood the decision to consolidate from a business standpoint.

But what that person said next will stick with me and will motivate me. She said, “We just want a quality newspaper.”

I couldn’t agree more.

I’m here to tell you, the staff at the Twiner-Herald wants to put out that quality newspaper and make it one our readers – both in Woodbine and in Logan - will want to pick up each week for their news, sports and advertising.