Many businesses are doing everything they can to ensure the safety of their employees and the public during this COVID-19 crisis.

And in the case of nursing homes, assisted living homes and other similar sites, the administration and staff also want to keep a careful eye on their residents.

Around the area, these nursing homes and assisted living facilities, like Dunlap Specialty Care, for example are saying all visitors are restricted from entering the building for the time being, "unless a special compassionate care, end-of-life situation exists." 

Here is the Facebook post that was posted by Longview Nursing Home, located in Missouri Valley: "As a precautionary measure and on the guidance of the Iowa Department of Public Health and CMS, Longview Administration is prohibiting entry to visitors of any kind with the only exception being end-of-life situations. Only staff necessary for providing care and assuring the residents’ needs are being met will be allowed entry."

The post also said that Longview is working to accommodate family video communication via Skype or FaceTime.

We are not accepting any visitors at this time, said Noel Sherer, administrator at Rose Vista, in a phone conversation March 17. Only essential personnel is allowed into Rose Vista.

Sherer said residents are not getting together for group activities either.

In Logan, the Westmont Care Center, like others, is restricting all visitors and only essential personnel is allowed in the building.

Also, the administration and staff there is being updated about the COVID-19 pandemic. This is happening on a daily basis so they can learn about and share the latest information on COVID-19.