*Editor's Note: The date of the next Woodbine School Board meeting was incorrect in the original story. It has been corrected. We apologize for the mistake.

WOODBINE — The Woodbine School Board approved four volunteer assistant coach positions at their regular monthly meeting November 20.

Those were the following: Steve Sullivan, volunteer assistant girls basketball coach; Jason Bendgen and Mike Wise, volunteer assistant wrestling coaches; and Joe Bantam, volunteer assistant boys basketball coach.

In other news, five celebrations were read by the Board.

There was a great turnout for the high school fall play “Something Wicked This Way Comes.” And, the K-12 Read and Feed event was a success.

Also Tyler Coberly, Layne Pryor and Wyatt Pryor were named to the First Team All-District for football.

Named to the Second Team All-District for football was Colby Andersen and Connor Sullivan. And nominated was Dylan Hoefer as punter.

Hailey Ryerson was named to Second Team All-Conference for volleyball. Freshman of the Year went to Whitney Kuhlman. Finally, 8-Man District 8 Coach of the Year went to Woodbine’s Head Coach, Dustin Crook.

Two resignations were accepted by the Board, Taylor Oliver from her position as an associate and Shawna Vogel from her position as head basketball cheer coach upon finding a suitable replacement.

The following were approved to these positions: Hank Gruver, junior high boys basketball assistant coach; Tim Marshall, junior high girls basketball assistant coach; Sam Swenson, assistant wrestling coach; Morgan Trieweiler, associate

The Board also approved for additional spending authority in the amount of $59,976.

“This is a one-time opportunity to receive spending authority as we did not levy for these students last year and thus did not receive spending authority for them,” said Superintendent Chris Anderson.

After talking about this matter in the discussion portion of the meeting, the Board approved to set the new substitute cook and substitute associate pay to $10/hour. Previously, both rates were $8.50/hour.

Finally, the Board will also look over the options as far as dollar amounts are concerned for retirement packages for certified staff members.

Board members will look over the options and discuss the matter more at the next Board meeting. A decision will likely be made about it then at the next meeting.

But Anderson did tell the Board the decision could be held off until the January 2019 meeting if the Board needed additional time.

The next Woodbine School Board meeting is December 20 at 4:00 p.m. in the School’s Board Room.