Grant Goldsmith standing next to his favorite decoration in the house, which they have named “Veronica.”

LOGAN — Some people really like Christmas and for others, it is Thanksgiving.

Tracy Goldsmith enjoys these holidays. But she also likes another one…a lot, Halloween. For a long time, Halloween has been Tracy’s "thing." She looks forward to celebrating each year.

It really all started back when Tracy and her husband, Mark, were dating and first married and living in eastern Iowa.

They and their friends would hold Halloween parties complete with dressing up in costume.

“I think that is when I really started getting into Halloween,” Tracy said.

For about a half dozen years, until Tracy and Mark moved back to this neck of the woods, the group held these Halloween parties annually.

After moving back to the area, the Goldsmiths missed those parties and decided to “keep the spirit of them alive” by decorating their new home, which is located south and east of Logan.

They also would dress up when they took their kids trick-or-treating in Logan.

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