Kelli Gray (left), District Secretary-Treasurer, swears in Teresa Coenen (right) as the new School Board president.

WOODBINE — A new beginning.

With the reorganization of the Woodbine School Board at the most recent meeting, November 19, and the swearing in of two new members, the Board is "starting fresh," so to speak.

All the Board members were administered the Oath of Office including the two new ones, Teresa Coenen and Marty Murdock.

One of these two individuals, Coenen, is off to a particularly "quick" start as she was elected School Board president by a vote of 4-1 just minutes after being sworn in. (Board member Doug McElwain voted “no” because he felt a new member should not be elected to the president position.)

Coenen, after being elected, took the Oath of Office. After being elected Board vice president, Kert Barnum took his Oath of Office.

In other news, the School Board heard a report of what has been happening this past month with the Woodbine District Leadership Team (DLT) by DLT member Mindy Oster.

A position was created to allow a Woodbine high school student, who is at least 16 years old, to work for the Latchkey Program after school for a few hours each day.

They could work other days too, like when school is closed due to the weather, and will be paid minimum wage, which is $7.25.

Faith Shamblin, director of the Latchkey/Tiger Tots program, was present and said this will allow her to pay a student to work after school instead of having one of her employees work the overtime.

Board members expressed that they want to ensure the student wouldn’t be working more hours than allowed by law to which Shamblin replied that she would make sure to watch the hours.

Later in the meeting, the Board did not approve Jayleigh Stueve for the position because it was not properly posted for.

Tedd Webb’s resignation was accepted as was the one for half-time co-head basketball cheer coach Kylie Lenz.

Shawna Vogel was approved as the full-time basketball cheer coach.

Other approvals made were: Hank Gruver, assistant junior high boys basketball coach for a contract of $1,680; Deana Swenson, wrestling cheer coach for $1,260; Angie Pryor as a volunteer assistant junior high girls basketball coach; Jason Bendgen as volunteer assistant wrestling coach; Marty Murdock as volunteer assistant wrestling coach; Tim Marshall, girls assistant junior high basketball girls coach for $1,680 and Curtis Lind as a special education associate, $11.50/per hour.

The transportation agreement with the Harlan private school district, the girls basketball field trip to watch UNO, in Omaha, Neb. and a field trip by a group of high school math students and high school math teacher Ryan Coenen to “Calculus The Musical,” in Omaha, Neb., were approved as well.

The SBRC request for allowable growth for students not on open enrollment out for the fall of 2018 in the amount of $67,360 was approved unanimously, too.

Finally, Kelli Gray was appointed the District Secretary-Treasurer and was administered the Oath of Office by Coenen.

The next Woodbine School Board meeting will be December 11 starting at 4:30 p.m. in the School’s Thinker Dome.