WOODBINE -- Here is a rundown of the Woodbine City Council meeting from October 17.

Another proposal brought forth by Carley Construction, of Council Bluffs, concerning correcting the issue with the Lincoln Way Street project was presented to the Woodbine City Council by City Administrator Amber Nelson but not discussed.

The issue with the project is that the outer quarter panel of pavement, six and a half feet, did not meet the specs regarding the slope. The curbs will also have to be torn out and repoured.

At an emergency meeting in late September, the Council decided that those sections of pavement should be torn out and repoured so as to meet the specs.

And at the last emergency meeting on October 3, Council members reviewed but rejected an alternate proposal by Carley Construction.

Mayor Rick Gau also stated that the Council would not be looking at any more proposals or holding any more emergency meetings.

At the beginning of the October 17 meeting, Gau struck the agenda item of looking at and discussing a second alternate proposal submitted by Carley Construction.

Gau stated once again that the decision has already been made and that the Council would not be entertaining any more proposals.

In other news, the Council approved Resolution 18-10-3, which was an agreement which will give the city a discount on their natural gas supply purchases. 

The City of Woodbine also signed an agreement that stated the Saddle Club is willing to have a piece of their land annexed in so as not to create an "island" between the city limits and the new wellness center that is proposed to be built. The facility would be next to the football field.

The Woodbine Saddle Club still needs to sign the agreement.

There is a small piece of land which the City will allow the Saddle Club to retain to keep livestock for periods of time for rodeos, Club activities and other similar events.

Nelson clarified that this does not mean the land is annexed into city limits just that the Club is willing to have the land annexed into city limits.

Finally, corrective action payments were made so as to update the city's TIF account. Payments were both made and received by the city.

The next Woodbine City Council meeting will be November 7 at 6:30 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers.