Many people packed in to the Board of Supervisors Room to be part of the discussion on two new chicken operations being started in Harrison County.

*Editor's Note: A few updates were made to the story on September 28 for clarification purposes.

WOODBINE -- Two more poultry confinement feeding operations were approved by the Harrison County Board of Supervisors.

The Board went over each Master Matrix with Matt Pitt, county zoning administrator, and gave their approval for both operations to move forward at their Sept. 27 meeting.

People packed into the Board of Supervisors Room for the process.

Dan Cohrs will run the operation Cohrs Poultry, LLC, which will be located north and east of Magnolia. It will be located in Section 23 of the Magnolia Township.

The size of the operation will be roughly 42,000 chickens per barn and there will be 12 barns in his facility.

Dan said the chicken operation allows them to do a couple of things that will be beneficial to his current farming business.

It's going to give us an opportunity to keep Alex Cohrs (his nephew) on the farm along with help me by providing another income, Dan told the Supervisors.

These operations will be part of a larger project by Costco, who is partnering with a company called Lincoln Premium Poultry. LPP was created specifically for this project.

LPP will manage all the poultry operations as well as the live operations, meaning those concerning the growers who will be raising their product for Costco.

Jessica Kolterman, external affairs for LPP, said that she is excited to work with this family, as well as Paul Klein and his family (see more about him later in the article).

Scott Nelson, director of the Harrison County Conservation Board, did express concern about the smell of the operation with the Willow Lake Recreation area being located roughly a couple miles from the proposed site.

Nelson also said to keep in mind that Willow Creek runs south and passes that site and does so in pretty close proximity to the proposed site.

He said these are items that are just good to be keep in mind and think about in the process of reviewing and accepting these chicken feeding operation applications.

No one else spoke up on this particular feeding operation. And with that, Pitt went through the Master Matrix, and the Board then approved the application.

The score for the Cohrs Master Matrix was 455 points.

The other feeding operation will be managed by Paul Klein and his two sons. It is called Double Barrel Farms, LLC. (The name derives from the fact the Paul’s two sons are twins.)

The operation will be located north and east of Woodbine in the Harrison Township.

The size of the operation will be roughly 42,000 chickens per barn and there will be eight barns in their facility.

Paul said the new operation will allow his sons to work on the farm full-time with him.

After the Master Matrix was gone through, the final score was 490, the Board approved to allow the operation to continue forward.

In other news, the Board approved three utility permits. The first was for Windstream Iowa Communications, LLC to replace a line that has been lying on the ground between 285th Street and 260th Street.

The second one was for CenturyLink, to replace communication cable on Ridge Road.

The final was for Agriland FS to install a four-inch water main to hook up to the city water.

The city extended a main to the city limits for this project. That was approved at a special Woodbine City Council meeting June 7.

The business is currently located on Hawthorne Street in the southeast corner of town, but is relocating to north of town on Panora Avenue and is in the process of building a brand new facility there.

County officials also approved a handwritten warrant to U.S. Bank in the amount of $1,838.20

Finally, the Board tabled a bid for the removal and replacement of a structural plate culvert on 260th Street. The bid was submitted Nelson & Rock Contracting, Inc., Onawa.

County Engineer Steve Struble said the decision was made to table accepting the bid because there was only one and therefore, they had nothing to compare it to and it came in significantly higher than the engineer’s estimate for the project.

It was decided to take a week to think about if they would approve this bid or possibly conduct another bid letting for the project.

The next Harrison County Board of Supervisors meeting will be October 4 beginning at 9:00 a.m. in the Supervisors Room at the county courthouse in Logan.