Chuck Warner was nominated by the staff at Woodbine Municipal Light & Power. He has served on the Light & Power Board of Trustees since 1991. He is currently the Board chairman.

WOODBINE — Dedication of many years to the community, particularly in the field of locally owned utilities and public power.

The Community Leader Award is about honoring these types of individuals.

Chuck Warner, of Woodbine, was one of two individuals who received the Community Leader Award during the Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) annual meeting, which was held via webinar May 6. (MRES is a supplier of wholesale electricity for the City of Woodbine, a member of their joint-action agency.)

“It has been my great pleasure to serve the wonderful people of Woodbine these past years,” said Warner.

He added that no award can be presented to anyone who did not have outstanding people to work with. And he wants to thank all those people for their dedication, too.

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