Woodbine Council members and Mayor Rick Gau checking out a section of pavement already ground down so as to achieve the correct cross slope. Cody Forch (second from right) explained the grinding process and answered questions.

WOODBINE -- The Woodbine City Council, at an emergency meeting this morning, October 19, decided to allow Carley Construction, of Council Bluffs, to move forward with grinding down rather than removing and re-pouring the sections of pavement that were installed with the incorrect cross slope on the Lincoln Way Street project.

The issue is on both sides of the street and along the entire project from Seventh Street to 11th Street.

At their September 26 emergency meeting, Council members unanimously voted to have these sections of pavement removed and repoured, along with the curb and gutters, so as to achieve the correct cross slope.

At another emergency meeting October 3, after some discussion, the Council stuck by their decision that the project needs to be done correctly.

Then, at their regular meeting on October 17, an action item to have the Council look over another proposal submitted by Carley Construction was struck from the agenda by Mayor Rick Gau right as the meeting began.

At that meeting, Gau stated the reason he struck it item from the agenda is because at the October 3 emergency meeting it was stated that the Council would not be looking at any more alternate proposals or holding any more emergency meetings.

However, Gau stated at the meeting this morning, October 19, that the reason he struck the item from the agenda is that he felt 24 hours was not enough time for the Council to look over the new material and be able to make an informed decision.

Some of the curb and gutter has already been removed. In one particular area it was reinstalled, but still with the incorrect slope. That occurred at 1002 Lincoln Way Street.

Cody Forch, of JEO Consulting Group, Inc., Carroll, was present at the meeting and said that he would suggest installing a trench drain to aid with the issue.

This would help because it will "introduce the water into the storm sewer system," said Forch.

Before leaving to check out a sample of pavement already ground down to the correct cross slope at the work site, Council member Dave Moores stated he is continuing to “lose confidence” in this project as meetings are still being held to try to fix the issues that have come up along the way.

Council members went to the site and looked at a sample of a section of pavement already ground down to achieve the correct cross slope.

Forch explained the process of grinding and answered questions posed by the City Council. He said that grinding is an acceptable method to correct the issue with cross slope.

Back in the Council Chambers, Council members asked Forch about ensuring the cross slope would be achieved this time.

Council member Rob Cogdill emphasized, along with the rest of the Council, said they would like cross slope verification done often so as to avoid further issues in the future.

“It would be done every 50-100 feet,” Forch said, when asked how often those verifications would be done.

Also, the sections of the curb and gutter as well as the sections of pavement already removed will be reinstalled so as to achieve the correct cross slope, too.

The Council then approved to allow Carley Construction to move forward with the project utilizing this alternate plan of grinding down rather than removal and replacement. A first was made by Cogdill and a second was made by Council member Merne Hammitt.

The vote was 4-1. Moores voted “no” to the motion.