A handful of Facilities Committee members looking over the drawings for the proposed new domed gymnasium.

LOGAN — The Logan- Magnolia School Facilities Committee got a better idea of the proposed plans for the School facilities update project from a presentation by two representatives from Incite Design Studio LLC, last Wednesday evening, January 23.

Patrick Smith and Jacob Cox, from Incite, which has three offices in St. Louis, Overland Park, and Kansas City, Mo., went over the preliminary plans, talked with the Committee and answered questions.

Roughly a dozen Committee members were on hand along with several School administration members, Supt. Tom Ridder and Christi Gochenour, grades 5-12 principal.

Also present were the Committee co-chairs, School Board President Matt Pitt and Board member Randy Koenig. To start things off, Smith talked about the pre-bond and stages early on in the process.

“…We’re headed in a great direction on the plans and what to accomplish out of this, but it’s a moot point if this [bond] doesn’t pass and we can’t get this going,” he said.

A new domed gymnasium, the movement and renovation of two science rooms and an another room and the movement and renovation of the CTE (Career and Technical Education) room are the three main components of the proposed project.

First, Smith provided some tips to help get the bond proposal passed.

One tip: Focus on the “yes” votes. It was also suggested by Pitt that mailers providing key information about the project be sent out to households.

The original Committee formed in 2015 presented a solution to the need to update the School’s facilities via a bond proposal that was voted on by the public in June 2017. It did not pass.

Following that, a new Committee was formed in August 2017.

The heart of the presentation was providing a look at the preliminary plans for each of the three main elements of the project.

For example, an addition would be built to the east of the current CTE Room, aka the Industrial Tech Room, and the current one would be converted into two science classrooms with labs.

The Tech Room might possibly be split up into two sections by a partition, one for the metals classes and one for the woods classes.

Another major element of the proposed project is a new domed gym.

The proposed new one would seat roughly 1,200 people. Compared to the current gym, that is an additional about 300 in seating capacity.

Smith said a major advantage to the building of this new gym is that it would be the place to go in an emergency.

“Everything inside the circle is a safe zone,” Smith said. In other words, that’s where people would go during a tornado, for example.

Committee members did ask questions and make comments about the project throughout the discussion.

From here, the Committee can now take the information and decide how to proceed from here, including talking about two major items: the price and funding for the project.

After the presentation, a group of Committee members stuck around and chatted, asked Smith and Cox questions and looked over the plans, talking about them with other Committee members.

Overall, the goal was to inform the Committee about the proposed plans for the project.

And it was a success in that sense. In the coming weeks, the Committee will continue working on these plans