WOODBINE — The Woodbine School Board talked with the School’s transportation director about his ideas to update the current bus fleet.

Donn Alvis was present at the meeting October 16.

Alvis informed them about the current fleet and talked about his ideas of purchasing three buses they are currently leasing, getting rid of three older buses each with more than 100,000 miles on them as well as leasing five new buses.

No decisions were made as it was a discussion item.

“I’m bringing this to you now, so we can make a decision before January so I can get these ordered and get put in line to be built,” Alvis said, referring to the five new buses the School would lease.

Another discussion item was substitute associate and substitute cook pay rates. Currently, both of these are at $8.50.

A request was made to have the matter looked into and possibly raise that rate.

“We do have a difficult time finding subs for these two positions but I’m not certain that the difficulty lies necessarily in the rate of pay,” said Superintendent Chris Anderson.

He added that he thinks it has more do with the nature of the positions. Again, no decisions were made by Board members.

A third discussion point was in regards to installing automatic light controls. This could aid in helping save on energy costs.

Anderson did say there was an issue with people using the building and not turning off the lights when they leave.

Bathroom lights being left on is an issue, too, Anderson told the Board. Anderson was directed to look further into the idea of having controls installed.

The District will have parents fill out a Bright Bytes survey during parent/teacher conferences, which are October 22 and October 23.

This data will be used to help the District make choices on the appropriate use of technology and planning for future purchases.

One other piece of info Anderson shared with the Board is that next semester the District will take a needs assessment survey.

The survey is courtesy of the Iowa Association of School Boards (IASB).

In other news, the Board congratulated the two junior high volleyball teams for going undefeated this year.

Board members also congratulated the boys cross country team for winning the Conference Title, the football for beating Ex-EHK and Kylie Neligh for winning the Rolling Valley Conference Junior High Girls Cross Country Meet.

A request made by Sacred Heart Church, Woodbine, to rent a bus to use for a trip to Des Moines was approved.

The resignation of Kim Munk as a Tiger Tots/Latchkey associate was approved, too.

Joe Bantam, who is a Woodbine parent, was approved by the Board to be a volunteer high school boys basketball coach.

Finally, the Board approved the second reading of the change to School Board Policy 1006.2 and 1006.2R regarding complimentary passes to all athletic events.

The policy wording was: “Complimentary passes to all athletic events shall be issued to all School Board members, school employees, community helpers, and pastoral heads located in the School District. Immediate family members are subject to paying for all school activities.”

At their Sept. 18 meeting, the Board discussed their thoughts about changing the policy to include the spouses and significant others of school employees.

It was also decided to strike the term “community helpers” because it was a broad term. The wording was changed to be more specific.

The discussion ended with the Board agreeing on revising some wording and approving the changes to Board policies 1006.2 and 1006.2R. This was the first reading.

The policy now reads: “Complimentary passes to all athletic events shall be issued to all School Board members, School employees and their spouse or significant other, and pastoral heads located in the School District. Those working at an athletic event also receive free admission. Immediate family members are subject to paying for all school activities."

Finally, Board members Amber Nelson and Doug McElwain were appointed to the School Improvement Advisory Council (SIAC).

The Board then went into closed session for about 15 minutes for the quarterly evaluation of Anderson.

The previous one got delayed until September from July and thus it has only been a month since the last one. Thus, that was the reason the closed session was shorter than normal.

The one this month was the next scheduled evaluation for Anderson.

The next Woodbine School Board meeting will be November 20 beginning at 6 p.m. in the School’s Board Room.