LOGAN -- At their October 22 meeting, the Logan City Council approved two resolutions.

The Council first approved Resolution 18-23 stating they are entering into a wastewater treatment agreement with the Harrison County Landfill Commission.

The agreement, which will be for three years, is to have the leachate, landfill water that drains through a filter and then into a holding tank, pumped to be treated at the water treatment plant.

The City of Logan is paid one and a half centers per gallon by the Commission for this service. This amount is the same as it was in the previous agreement.

Resolution 18-24 was also approved unanimously by city officials.

This resolution allows the city administrator/clerk to make certain payments without the approval of the City Council.

Angela Winther, city administrator and clerk, ran down through the types of payments that are on that list.

“…The city clerk/administrator will be allowed to spend up to $500 per item for emergency repairs or expenditures without prior approval from the City Council,” read Winther from the resolution. 

Removal and replacement of a 43 foot by 21 foot section of concrete on Jones Circle, a cul-de-sac neighborhood located north of the Logan-Magnolia School, was discussed.

Two companies submitted bids. Both are based in Logan. The bid by Doug Johnsen Construction (DJC) was for $8,854.48. And the other from Concrete Leveling Solutions (CLS) was for $8,750.

The DJC bid included the costs of sub grade work in it, if that would need to be done.

On the other hand, on the CLS bid, it was stated that if the sub grade was poor, then there would be additional charges for materials and labor to improve it before any concrete was poured.

Thus, the DJC total could possibly come down if it does not cost as much as estimated on the bid to do that sub grade work while the CLS bid could potentially be higher depending on the amount of sub grade work that needs to be done.

City officials decided to award the project to Doug Johnsen Construction. The work will hopefully be done yet this fall.

The Council talked about getting the Logan Senior Center up and running again.

It has been closed for a couple years now because there was no one to run it.

Winther talked with city officials about funneling the funds, which were put aside from a gentleman who left part of his inheritance to be used to keep the Center running, through the city, which is a 501(c)(3) organization.

A major benefit of doing so is the funds would be tax exempt.

Winther also suggested the city manage the books, such as payroll, because then a person would not have to be hired and paid to do the job.

A person has stepped forward and agreed to run the Center. (They would be paid for this position. The money from the above mentioned account would be used to pay for the position, and the other expenses that would be incurred to run the operation.)

This person, along with a few volunteers, running the Center means senior citizens would have a place to go two or three times a week for a meal and to build new and old friendships.

No decisions were made as this was just a discussion item.

Winther also reviewed the ’17-18 Fiscal Year Annual Financial Report with the Council.

Finally, the Council approved a Special Class C Liquor (BW), Class B Native Wine, Outdoor Service License for the Logan Flours Baking Co., a new bakery located on Highway 30 next door to Carrie’s Dance Academy.

The new bakery, which will be run by Matt and Carrie Busing, of Logan, opens in late November. Construction is currently progressing on the building.

A Class C Liquor (LC) License was approved, too, for the Loess Moose Bar & Grill, of Missouri Valley, for an event at the Logan Community Center on Saturday, November 10.

The next Logan City Council meeting will be November 5 starting at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers at the Community Center.