Dominic rides around in style in his skull helmet at the PokeRmon Kids' Bicycle Run June 15.

WOODBINE — Dominic Leisure is not focusing on the accident that completely changed his life.

Instead, he wants to reach out and help others by promoting bike safety, hoping that other kids don’t have to go through what he did.

At the PokeRmon Kids’ Bicycle Run in Woodbine June 15, he and his mom, Joselyn Hatcher, of Woodbine, set up a booth where they told their story and promoted the importance of bicycle safety, specifically, why it is crucial to wear a helmet while riding a bike.

The Run was put on by the Harrison County Home & Public Health Office on the Woodbine School grounds.

Leisure, six years old, was riding his bike back in mid-May when he had an accident.

He suffered serious injuries. (He wasn’t wearing a helmet at the time.) In fact, the accident nearly took his life.

Today, he is recovering at his home, but is still limited on the activities he is able to participate in, which is difficult for a six year old.

Yet, he still wants to help others by being an advocate for bike safety and make sure people know that safety has to come first, including wearing a helmet while riding.

That’s what they were doing at the Run, educating parents and kids: Safety comes first.

The family has also been collecting bicycle helmets in a campaign they call #HelmetsforDominic.

Those are going to be distributed to kids in the community in hopes they will use them every time they ride their bikes.

Though it has been a traumatic three weeks for Dominic and his family, his mom is just thankful he is doing alright.

“He still has a lot that he is limited to and he still struggles daily…but he’s definitely better than he was and getting a little bit better each day,” Hatcher said.

We’re just trying to put the accident behind us and move forward from it, she added.

She knows that will mean taking one day at a time. And she is cherishing each of those moments with her little “Superman,” as she affectionately calls him.