january2019helping the animals

Third grader Kearston Dickman carefully measures before cutting her frays in the t-shirt. Those frays were tied to create the base of the pouch.

LOGAN — A fun activity being done by grade school students at several districts across the county is also helping thousands of animals who have been forced from their homes because the wildfires happening in Australia.

Throughout the month of January, Connie Betts, naturalist and public relations specialist for the Harrison County Conservation Board (HCCB), is visiting grades K-5 classrooms in four towns to talk to kids about the wildfires and having them make pouches for animals to recoup in during their stays at rehabilitation centers.

Betts first saw this idea on the news and on Facebook. Groups of people were knitting pouches or making blankets to help the animals.

“[I] wanted to do something similar with the students,” she said.

Throughout the month of January, she will visit the grade school students at Logan-Magnolia, Woodbine, West Harrison and Missouri Valley.

Hundreds of these pouches will be made and sent to the rehab centers. And people can also donate to help cover the shipping costs.

Read the full story about the project in the January 22 issue of The Twiner-Herald!