WOODBINE — The Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) is launching a 100th Anniversary Convoy across the United States.

The Convoy retraces the route of the first U.S. Army Transcontinental Motor Convoy across the U.S., along the Lincoln Highway.

It begins in Washington, D.C. August 11, and there is expected to be more than 50 historic military vehicles traveling the entire more than 3,200 miles.

Another 50 vehicles will be along for at least a part of this trip.

On August 25, the Convoy will stop in Woodbine from 8-9:30 a.m. and park in the middle of Walker Street.

Beginning in Washington D.C., the trip continues across the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, across the lush farmlands of the Midwest and ends in the splendor of California.

The stops along the way are many of the same ones made as the 1919 Convoy. The route crosses all or at least part of 11 states.

This Convoy of historic military vehicles is from many different eras, from WWI to ones currently used. It also includes staff cars and jeeps to later model M913 five-ton cargo trucks.

During the course of the trip, the MVPA will present info on the significance of the original 1919 Convoy among other pertinent facts and stories.

Time will also be taken to say “thank you” to the veterans for their service to our country.