If you look at the full list of candidates, there are many incumbents that are running again this year for the 2109 elections, whether it be for a position on the school boards, city councils or even city mayor.

These elections will all be happening Tuesday, November 5. (A bond issue for the Logan-Magnolia School District will also be on the ballot.)

Below is a full list of all the candidates for each of the cities:

*City of Dunlap mayor: Jason Knickman, incumbent

*Dunlap City Council: Tyler Lampe, incumbent; To Fill A Vacancy, Diane Tedford Kuhlman

*City of Little Sioux mayor: Laura Hartman, incumbent

*Little Sioux City Council: Dana Johnson, Gardena Wallis and Janiece Wallis, all are incumbents

*City of Logan mayor: Clint McDonald, incumbent

*Logan City Council: Dave Czarnecki and Kim Fischer, both incumbents, and Tiffany Scheuring

*City of Magnolia mayor: Dave Weigelt, incumbent

*Magnolia City Council: Diane Archer and Mark Hoffman, both incumbents

*City of Missouri Valley mayor: Shawn Kelly, incumbent; Dave Scott

*Missouri Valley City Council: Kenneth Dooley Sr.; Eric Ford; Roger Gunderson, incumbent; Jody Meyer; Sherman Struble, incumbent; John Tiffey, incumbent

*City of Modale mayor: James Cox, incumbent

*Modale City Council: Kevin Ganzhorn, incumbent; Joshua Marshall, incumbent; Katie Offenbacker, incumbent; write-in

*City of Mondamin mayor: Write-in

*Mondamin City Council: Write-in

*City of Persia mayor: Shawn Flaharty, incumbent

*Persia City Council: Timothy Ellsworth, incumbent, and William Pauley

*City of Pisgah mayor: Ronny Woodward, incumbent

*Pisgah City Council: Mike Carson, incumbent; Meredith Jenson, incumbent and Karen Wilson; To Fill A Vacancy, write-in

*City of Woodbine mayor: Rick Gau, incumbent

*Woodbine City Council: Darryl Cleaver; To Fill A Vacancy, Rob Cogdill

See the full list of candidates plus the wording for the Logan-Magnolia School District proposed bond issue in the October 9 issue of our paper!