*Editor's Note: There has been a change, as noted in the article, to the original plan to hold a town hall meeting October 24 regarding the bond proposal for the City of Woodbine.

WOODBINE — Dates, times and locations have been set for two question and answer sessions regarding the $2.2 million bond the City of Woodbine has proposed to enter into to help pay for a new indoor/outdoor pool and the construction of new streets in the athletic fields complex.

Members of the Woodbine Regional Wellness Center Board and Woodbine City Council will lead question and answer sessions on October 1 and October 15 at City Hall.

Those meetings will run from 6 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. For now, the town hall meeting that was scheduled for October 24 has been cancelled.

Here is what happened at the September 18 city meeting:

In other news, Dan Barry, solid waste manager for Harrison County, talked to the Council about a couple items.

First, he suggested the Council change a term in the proposed amendment to a section of the solid waste ordinance, Resolution 18-8-1, discussed most recently at the Aug. 20 meeting.

Essentially, the amendment will explain that certain weekends are designated during the month, the first and third Saturday, to burn “landscape waste.”

Barry suggested that term be changed to “yard waste” because of concern for the burning of certain types of materials the city would not want to be burned.

He then explained to the city how they would be able to pass an ordinance on the burning of buildings.

“For the city to pass an ordinance, it would have to be stronger than what the State of Iowa code already reads,” Barry said.

Basically, the Iowa Department of National Resources (INDR) code is already strongly worded.

Therefore, there would be no need to go through the process of the city creating an ordinance of their own.

An annual renewal of the Casey’s General Store wine permit was approved.

The Council gave the “okay” for Good Fellows to set up a beer garden during Applefest on Saturday, September 29 that will be located on Fifth Street right next to their building, too.

The beer garden will be open from noon to 11 p.m.

Christian Leisinger, of Ute and who graduated from high school in Dunlap, will replace Officer Rachel Weis on the Woodbine Police Department.

Weis, who has been at the WPD for more than four years, took a job in Omaha.

Leisinger will start on Wednesday, October 17. Weis will complete her time at the WPD the first week of October.

Finally, a state report was approved, the Annual Urban Renewal Report for the TIF Districts.

The next Woodbine City Council meeting will be October 1 beginning at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall.