This group of ladies worked hard at the election polls in Logan November 5.

Several new faces will be seen at both the city level and on several school boards in the upcoming year.

The 2019 Off-Year Election held last Tuesday had races that included city councils and school boards from every town in Harrison County.

In Logan, Clint McDonald remains the mayor as he got 98.39 percent of the votes, 488.

Kim Fischer will remain on the Logan City Council with her 344 votes of the 854 total, or 40.28 percent.

But there will also be a new member, Tiffany Scheuring. She beat out incumbent Dave Czarnecki 350 to 156.

For the Magnolia mayor’s race, incumbent Dave Weigelt will continue to lead his town. He received 79 of the 84 total votes, or 94.05 percent. There were five write-in votes.

Incumbents for the Magnolia City Council, Mark Hoffman and Diane Archer will each serve another term.

Hoffman tallied up 76 votes of the 141 total while Archer had 64 votes. Shawn Kelly, with roughly 67.5 percent of the votes, will continue serving as mayor of Missouri Valley.

One new face will be added to the Missouri City Council, Eric Ford. Two incumbents, Kenneth Dooley, Sr. and Sherman Struble will each serve another term on the Council.

Here are the vote counts for them: Ford, 210; Dooley, 203; Struble, 203.

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