This is a picture of the Boyer River looking out over the bridge right outside of Woodbine. It was taken March 14.

Harrison County Emergency Management has recently released some information regarding Gavins Point Dam and river gauges. 

Here is the report in its entirety:

Clearing conditions are forecast, but the threat of flooding continues. Hwy 30 still has barricades from MV to Dunlap, I-29 is open to the Loveland/I-680 eastbound exit, I-680 EB is open to I-80.

As of last night, the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) has raised the output from Gavins Point Dam on the Missouri River to 90,000 CFS. This is a very large increase (without warning to us downstream) and impacts will be felt. I am including a list of river gauges as listed at 6:30 a.m. this morning. The ACOE seemingly operate in their own bubble, so it is difficult to predict how long this flow will last or if it will continue to be increased. 

Boyer River:   Peak                         Current Reading            Forecast       

Dunlap      1078.2’ elevation              1011’                         Trending down

Logan        25.46’    record                   16’                          Trending down

A note on the Logan numbers: Visual this morning, it appeared to be higher than is listed. Gauge may be malfunctioning.

MV        1018.02’                               1011’                       Trending down

Soldier River:

Pisgah   27.31’                                  14.20’                      Trending down

 Missouri River:

Decatur    33’                                     37.4’                    Saturday/Sunday

Blair   29.09 (moderate flood stage)     31.06               Saturday/Sunday

Omaha   31.61’                                    33.9                  Saturday/Sunday

There is still a lot of water out there and the responders have been working tirelessly for a number of days now.

Again, DO NOT drive around barricades or through water over the road, and please be patient.