WOODBINE — For more than four years, discussions have been ongoing about a bill pertaining to improvements that were made to the softball field.

The improvements included replacing the dugouts and fence, and the final price rung up at roughly $29,500.

The City’s portion is $14,274.67, according to a handout provided to the Woodbine City Council. This project was finished back in 2016.

City officials discussed the bill again at their May 6 meeting.

“...This [bill] has been brought up each year during budget time to the Parks and Rec Committee,” said Amber Nelson, city administrator.

She added that it has always been put on the “back burner” when the budget is done because the city usually takes care of items for the current or upcoming budget year first.

And each time, the City has not had the funds, at the time, to pay this outstanding bill, according to Nelson.

Though the city does not know the exact individuals who agreed on sharing the cost, they do know the two entities, the City of Woodbine and the Woodbine School District.

Despite the project being started in 2015 and completed sometime in 2016, the City was not billed until 2017.

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