The Woodbine School Board talked with Donn Alvis, the District transportation director, about updating the bus fleet.

WOODBINE -- The Woodbine School Board held a special meeting of the Board of Education January 9 before their work session regarding the wellness center project.

The meeting, located in the School Library, had two items on the agenda: approving the lease of four new gas buses from the Hoglund Bus Co., Inc., out of Marshalltown, and deciding on the contents of the early retirement package the District will offer to eligible teachers.

First, the lease of four new gas buses will cost a total of $64,620. The District is also looking to sell off three of their oldest buses, a 2000, a 2001 and a 2003. Each has 119,000 miles or more on them.

The Council approved the leases by a vote of 4-1. Board Member Kert Barnum voted "no" because he felt the leasing of buses should be done in staggered years rather than all at one time.

Though they did not make a decision, the Board also talked with Donn Alvis, the District transportation director, about purchasing three buses they are currently leasing, all 2017 models.

Each one of those has between 37,000 miles and 38,000 miles on them. The leases are up June 30, 2019.

The Board also talked about what components to include in the early retirement package offered by the District.

A few of the main ones included the minimum age requirement of an individual in order to be eligible as well as the minimum years of service at the District. 

After a fairly lengthy talk, the District finalized the details of the early retirement package as outlined in their discussion and approved it.

The District stressed that for this year, they would offer the package to two eligible teachers with the possibility of adding more to the list. In all, there is a handful of teachers who are currently eligible for early retirement.

District Superintendent Chris Anderson also stated that this specific package would not be offered again next year. But that's not to say that an early retirement package will not be offered by the District.