WOODBINE — The next step in the process of the proposal to install a new water supply well is confirming a location for it and enrolling in the test hole/test well program.

At the Woodbine City Council meeting October 1, Blake Birkel, of JEO Consulting Group, Inc., Omaha, Neb., talked with the Woodbine City Council about this next step and the cost of it and a little bit about the different ways the overall project could be funded.

To have a successful application you need to iron out a few more details, Birkel told the Council.

A study was conducted back in 2015 that essentially recommended that a new well be installed.

One of the main reasons for that was the fact that the current wells are aging and it would be a good idea for the city to have a new water source.

There are currently four wells used by Woodbine. The most recent one was installed in 2003.

A site suggested for the new well is north of the Motorcycle Medic building on Highway 30 between the highway and Boyer River.

Birkel said it would be good, at this point, to begin some of the conversations with landowners in the suggested area so city officials can discuss gaining access to that land to have a test well drilled.

The city also needs to enroll in the test hole/test well program, a cost of roughly $15,000. This money would come out of the city’s funds.

Testing the site is important before installing a new well, a project that will cost about $926,000, according to a 2016 estimate.

Thus, testing a certain area means making sure it will the right place for a well to be installed. And roughly four acres of land is needed, according to Birkel.

Birkel then talked about funding the installation of a new well. He said funds were allocated in the form of a USDA loan enacted back in December of 2016.

The city has a five-year window to be able to utilize those funds.

Therefore, they currently have three years left. The total of the loan is about $526,000.

Birkel said also encouraged the City Council to go after a CDBG grant. He added that a community the size of Woodbine would be eligible for up to $500,000.

Finally, Birkel said until the Council confirms more details, particularly the location of the proposed new well, they don’t really have a competitive application compared to the rest of the applicants, in his experience.

This was just a discussion item on the agenda. No decisions were made about the project.