WOODBINE — What do you want to see the facility used for? What do you think are important features that need to be part of the facility?

These were just some of the questions four representatives from Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture, based in Omaha, Neb., asked during the first public input for the Woodbine Regional Wellness Center held at the beginning of July.

The Woodbine School District bond issue passed June 25.

The District will chip in $3.5 million for the project, which includes $500,000 from their “one-cent funds." The overall project will cost roughly between $11-12 million.

Alley Poyner has helped with project blueprints in years past. Four reps came in and held a public input meeting.

“We really want to hear from you and get feedback from you,” said Megan Lutz, of Alley Poyner. She was one of four present at the input meeting.

The group also included Audrey Buckley, Jay Palu and Albert Macchietto.

With introductions out of the way, the reps began throwing out discussion points to get people talking about what is needed and what they want for the new facility, which will be located next door to the football field in Woodbine.

That’s how the rest of the meeting, which lasted roughly an hour, went.

Afterwards people participated in a couple activities that allowed the architects to gather more info about how the public wants the facility to look and feel as well as which elements, in the public’s opinion, are the most important to have at it.

The next public input meeting will be scheduled for toward the end of July.