Their new location on Panora Avenue in Woodbine is much more spacious than the old one on Hawthorne Avenue.

WOODBINE — A new location for a local business is spacious and will allow for future expansion.

Agriland FS, which is based out of Winterset, has 27 locations including not only in Woodbine here in Harrison County but also in Logan and Missouri Valley.

Clark Smith, Woodbine location manager, said the main reason for Agriland building this new facility is in hopes of expanding in the years to come.

While the main construction is done and the move is complete from their old location on Hawthorne Avenue, near the main entrance into town, there is much more to be done yet.

Electrical work still needs to be finished in the shop, the chemical shed and seed shed. Insulation needs to be installed in the roof of the entire building, too.

Inside the chemical shed, eight tanks will be installed. Three tanks will be installed outside the shed.

Finally, organization of the offices and other buildings is a work in progress. Smith said in a couple months, his hope is that most of this will be complete.

An open house will be held sometime early next year.