At their emergency meeting last night, October 3, the Woodbine City Council decided to stick with their original decision concerning the issue with the Lincoln Way Street project.

That original decision, made at the emergency Council meeting held last week, was to have to the outer quarter panel, six and a half feet, torn out and repoured, along with the curbs, because the slope did not meet the project design specs.

The issue spans the entire project from 7th Street to 11th Street on both sides of the road.

The Woodbine City Council, therefore has rejected the alternate proposal submitted by Carley Construction, of Council Bluffs who is completing the project. 

Cody Forch, of JEO Consulting Group, Inc., Carroll, did discuss the proposal with the Council for about 30 minutes before the decision was made.

The alternate proposal was essentially to pour a layer of asphalt over the areas of the street to aid in correcting the sloping. Then, a layer of sand would be put down over the asphalt.

The bricks would then go on top of that layer of sand.

Forch did say that the project could possibly be done yet this year if the Council would go with this alternate proposal. But he also mentioned there could be potential issues with going with this option.

If the Council stuck with their original decision, Forch continued, it would likely be the spring of 2019 before the project was completed.

The Council came to the consensus they felt like this alternate proposal would be just a "Band-Aid fix" and maintained that the given sections should be torn out and repoured with the correct slope.

Going forward then, the hope, said Forch, was that the given sections will be repoured this year so people will be able to use it and particularly so residents living on that street will be able to access their driveways.

Then, in the spring of 2019, the bricks will be reinstalled.

Forch also mentioned that snow removal on that street would not be a good idea because it could potentially cause damage to the pavement.

The Council did say they were sure they wanted to stick with their original decision and have it done right. That was the motion made and passed by a vote of 4-1.

Council member Merne Hammitt voted "no" because he felt that part of the project, from roughly the 900 block of Lincoln Way Street heading north could be left as it because that area had "positive drainage," in his opinion, and did not need to be ripped out and repoured.

On September 19, Carley Construction started paying $500 a day for LDs (liquified damages) because their contract was up the day before, September 18.

Later, after the project is completed, the City Council could come together and decide to forgive some of these costs.

At the Sept. 26 emergency meeting, Cogdill said it would be a "reasonable thing" to consider doing so. The rest of the Council agreed.