The amount of time it takes to complete one of these "dolls" varies depending on the detail that is required for them.

Marsha McCord has always had an affinity for the crafts.

Be it crocheting, creating colorful homemade jewelry or Christmas ornaments, she enjoys staying busy with her projects.

“I just have always been interested in crafting,” McCord said. “And you can Google anything to find out how to do it.”

McCord is originally from Missouri Valley. She moved away to Tennessee for more than 30 years but moved back about eight or nine years ago to be near her parents and take care of them. (They have since passed.)

After rehabbing from a surgery, she decided it was time to choose a retirement community. She would end up moving into Woodbine’s Rose Vista community in September 2018.

“Everyone takes care of everyone around here,” McCord said of why she likes Rose Vista, adding that they are all like family to her.

McCord participates in many of Rose Vista’s activities. She also spends a lot of time just chatting with her friends.

One other way she keeps busy is her craft projects.

A specific type of craft she really has enjoyed learning is paper mâché. The hobby didn’t start when she moved to Rose Vista through.

It actually started approximately 10 years ago. And over the course of that time, McCord has learned a lot and completed quite a few projects.

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