Each of the certified staff members at the Woodbine School District are on one of these three Committees: Culture, Communications or Service.

WOODBINE — Building relationships and making sure everyone at the Woodbine School District has a voice and is being heard.

That is the “lens through which” Woodbine’s District Leadership Team (DLT), has and will make decisions throughout this School year, said Sarah Cox, a DLT member.

“We have to ask: Does it help build relationships? Is everyone’s voice being heard in this decision? Have we considered everyone’s point of view?” Cox explained.

The DLT is a new team that was created this past spring at the District. Chris Anderson, District superintendent, said it was created because the District saw a need to put together a team that would work together to come up with new ideas to help the District continue moving forward and provide input that looks at the “big picture” to administration.

These 10 individuals are DLT members: Chris Anderson, Sam Swenson, Jill Ridder, Tracy Kelley, Rod Smith, Sarah Cox, Ryan Coenen, Mindy Oster, Andrea Powers and Kassey Bartels.

Once a month, the team gets together and spends a day (roughly six hours) discussing and planning. They meet year round, including in the summer, too.

Topics of discussion range from the purpose of homework and its fidelity in student achievements to communication with parents and within the School.

These topics are tackled in a manner where the Team is not just looking at how an action will affect just the elementary kids and staff or just the high school students and staff but the entire District.

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