WOODBINE — The Woodbine City Council decided at an emergency meeting September 26 that the issue with the Lincoln Way Street project should be fixed by having the sections with the incorrect slope, and the curbs, removed and repoured.

However, Amber Nelson, city administrator, informed the Council at their Oct. 1 meeting that Carley Construction, of Council Bluffs who is completing the project, has submitted an alternate proposal to correct the issue.

They submitted it yesterday, October 1.

Nelson said because it was not on the agenda, though, she thought it shouldn’t be discussed because no action can be taken on the item.

“That means that we will have to call an emergency meeting either tomorrow night (Oct. 2) or Wednesday (Oct. 3) and meet and discuss this again,” Nelson told the Council.

The issue is that the outer quarter panel of pavement, six and a half feet, did not meet the specs regarding the slope. The curbs will also have to be torn out and repoured.

The issue runs along the entire project from Seventh Street to 11th Street and on both sides of the street.

“I’m fine with the decision that was made the other night,” said Council member Clark Smith.

Council members Rob Cogdill and Peggy Monahan both initially shared similar sentiments that the project needed to be done to specs.

Mayor Rick Gau also stated that he thought the Council should not even look at the proposal and just have it done to specs, in other words, stick the decision they made at the Sept. 26 meeting.

However, a discussion ensued and the Council began moving toward the idea of at least looking at the proposal.

The general consensus, in the end, was that the Council should at least look at and discuss it.

The Council decided to do so. They set an emergency meeting date and were provided with handouts of the alternate proposal.

That emergency meeting will be Wednesday, October 3 at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall. It is a open to the public.